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Delicious Daniel and his dapper drinks, or should that be the other way around? Either way, his influence in the Ba’ Bar comes a close second in our favourite things to happen in 2017. The refurbishment itself being top. Growing up in South London, Daniel has been behind bar since the mid 90’s – yes, we think there’s some Dorian Grey style magic going on there too, and it’s quite a story of how he’s ended up in Edinburgh. We’ll let you interrogate him yourself over a drink at the bar.


A lover of the classics, Daniel claims he was a pirate in a former life as rum is his favourite spirit to work with. When creating a cocktail he “usually starts with the raw spirit and decide from there what the final flavor is that I want to achieve. Sweet, sour, tart, dry, rich, whatever mood I’m in that day”. He also uses the fresh new Ba’ Bar menu as a start point and inspiration. Thinking about what would complement a dish. Daniel is enjoying the current trend in Mezcal, with its amazing flavour and is busy creating a new cocktail menu for the “end of the year”, we won’t use that c-word just yet!


His tips for success behind the bar are simple. Take pride in your work, master the fundamentals, pay your dues as a barback and learn the classics. From there you can experiment and find your own signature style. On his night off, you can probably find him with a Gibson, Dirty Martini or shot of tequila in hand at The Black Fox, Nightcap or Bryant and Mack.


Honestly though, you’re more likely to find him in the Ba’ Bar passing on his Whisky wisdom to a captive audience. Daniel is always happy to chat, especially about wine and Whisky, so make sure you get a comfy seat at the start of the night!